Biomimetic Dentistry Los Angeles

Biomimetic Dentistry Los Angeles

Choosing a dental practice that provides biomimetic dentistry in Los Angeles is one of the best ways to ensure your family has access to the latest treatments and techniques in dental care. As more and more dentists are turning to biomimetic treatment, Pasha Dental Group remains one of the leaders in the movement toward a more natural approach to modern dentistry.

Why Biomimetic Dentistry For Your Family?

The answer to that question is simple- biomimetic dentistry seeks to preserve and restore teeth using only methods that protect the teeth and restore healthy function. In contrast with traditional dentistry that uses a wide range of prosthetics to restore function while neglecting the health of the teeth, biomimetic treatment always focuses on the health of the teeth first.

The Biomimetic Bond is Stronger

Our staff at Pasha Dental Group believes biomimetic dentistry is Los Angeles area’s most powerful tool in fighting the next generation’s most significant oral health issue- tooth decay. Using the biomimetic approach, we can create a seal between the natural tooth and the bond or filling that is every bit as strong as the tooth itself. Innovative materials allow us to create a bond that is strong enough to withstand a lifetime of stress from daily chewing.

Greater Value

When you consider the costs of modern dentistry, you can easily see the value of a bond that is designed to last your lifetime. Just a few of the advantages we can offer using biomimetic dentistry include:

  • Increased bond strength by 400%!
  • Prevention of restoration failure
  • Completely eliminates post-procedure pain and tooth sensitivity
  • Reduction of referred root canals by as much as 95%
  • Preserved tooth structure
  • Significant decrease of tooth preparation for crowns
  • Restores teeth better than out-dated methods

Why Biomimetic is Better

Biomimetic dentistry is Los Angeles area’s biggest secret- but it shouldn’t be. If a superior treatment were available for your family, wouldn’t you want to know more about it? Yet there are still so many dentists who are reluctant to invest in new equipment and training for their staff, even after learning how much biomimetic dentistry can improve their patients’ oral health.

At Pasha Dental Group, we have invested heavily in biomimetic education and equipment, allowing us to provide your family with tooth-conserving dentistry that is superior to what many are still calling modern dental practices. The fact is, teeth restored through biomimetics are far less likely to require crowns, extraction, and endodontic therapy. Simplified, that means less expensive treatment, greater patient satisfaction, and longer lasting dental work.

We invite you to schedule your next dental appointment at our practice to experience all of the benefits of biomimetic dentistry in Los Angeles. Our convenient location on Palms Blvd means less travel time and greater access to local shopping and entertainment. Feel free to check out current and upcoming special deals and discounts by clicking the ‘Specials’ link on our homepage or by calling our office for more information.

Biomimetic Dentistry Los Angeles
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