Palms Dental Care Los Angeles

Palms Dental Care Los Angeles

If you live in or around LA, you may have heard the name Pasha Dental Group mentioned within your circle of friends or family. If you wonder what our Palms dental care in Los Angeles can do to improve your family’s dental care, the answer is simple: We can provide a high level of care at a reasonable price. Feel free to learn more about our services on the Pasha Dental Group website.

Check Out Our Services

We’ve set up our website as a free resource to existing and new patients who want to find out more about the benefits of receiving treatment at our practice. Browse our website to find out about services offered or schedule a tour of our practice with your family for a closer look at how we can meet your dental care needs.

When you click the ‘Services’ link on our site, you’ll find several sub-headings of dental care under the four main headings:

  • Primary & Preventive
  • Restorative
  • Cosmetic
  • And More

Here is where you can read about the latest techniques and treatments available through our Palms dental care in Los Angeles. Select from headings or use the Quick Search tool to find a dental service to match your needs.

Pasha Dental Preserves Teeth

More and more dental care providers are turning to biomimetic dentistry to save teeth and preserve them through modern dental techniques that focus more on ways to restore teeth to their original, natural beauty and function- and less on prosthetics to improve the appearance of teeth. An excellent example of how biomimetic dentistry seeks to provide superior dental care is using tooth-colored bonding and filling as an alternative to root canal therapy.

While not all issues are treatable through biomimetic dentistry, our staff will always offer treatment options that are minimally-invasive and optimally-restorative rather than looking at a cosmetic treatment to fix a problem.

Schedule Your Smile Analysis

Call our New Patient or Existing Patient number to book an appointment at Palms dental care in Los Angeles. Let our front desk staff know whether you want to discuss sedation options or talk over your goals with us before we recommend treatment.

If you’re a candidate for biomimetic dentistry, we’ll offer our professional advice on how to preserve your beautiful smile through cost-effective methods that may include tooth sealants, digital imaging, or a routine checkup and cleaning. See current and upcoming specials on our website or ask about discount services when you call to book a visit.

For Confidence That Shines

Your brightest, whitest smile is just around the corner at Pasha Dental Group’s Palms dental care in Los Angeles. We strive to fully meet your family’s dental care needs by providing early morning and late evening appointments at a convenient location in LA. Call us if you have questions about our services or require additional information about our practice. We can verify your insurance benefits over the phone before booking your appointment.

Palms Dental Care Los Angeles
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